Trusted Services

What is Trusted Services

The term ‘trusted service’ is used as a general name for a class of application that runs in an isolated processing environment. Other applications rely on trusted services to perform security related operations in a way that avoids exposing secret data beyond the isolation boundary of the environment. The word ‘trusted’ does not imply anything inherently trustworthy about a service application but rather that other applications put trust in the service. Meeting those trust obligations relies on a range of hardware and firmware implemented security measures.

The Arm architecture, in combination with standard firmware, provides a range of isolated processing environments that offer hardware-backed protection against various classes of attack. Because of their strong security properties, these environments are suitable for running applications that have access to valuable assets such as keys or sensitive user data. The goal of the Trusted Services project is to provide a framework in which security related services may be developed, tested and easily deployed to run in any of the supported environments. A core set of trusted services are implemented to provide basic device security functions such as cryptography and secure storage.

Example isolated processing environments are:

  • Secure partitions - secure world VMs managed by a secure partition manager
  • Trusted applications - application environments managed by a TEE
  • Integrated microcontroller - a secondary MCU used as a secure enclave

For more details please see the documentation: https://trusted-services.readthedocs.io

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