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What is Trusted Firmware-M?

Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) is the reference implementation of platform security architecture aligning with PSA Certified requirements.

TF-M is being built for Arm Cortex-M processors prioritizing v8-M Cortex cores leveraging Arm TrustZone technology. TF-M is being developed as an Open Source project under an Open Governance Model.

TF-M provides a highly configurable set of software components to create a Trusted Execution Environment. This is achieved by a set of secure run time services such as Secure Storage, Cryptography, FIrmware Update, Audit Logs and Attestation. Additionally, secure boot in TF-M ensures integrity of Run time Software and supports firmware upgrade.

Functional Block diagram of Trusted Firmware-M below shows the various components and how it would fit in a v8-M System. Note that many of the components are under active development and continuous evolution. See roadmap for available components and future plan.


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