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What is Trusted Firmware A (TF-A)

The Trusted Firmware-A project provides a reference implementation of secure world software for Armv7-A and Armv8-A class processors.

The Projects page provides access to all facilities hosted including source code, documentation, Gerrit review for submitting changes, a wiki, the issue/task workboard/tracker as well as showing recent activity in the project.

Contribution guidelines can be found in the documentation and a getting started guide with Gerrit can be found on the wiki.

A project email list can be subscribed to to participate in development discussions.

A bi-weekly Technical Forum call is held to discuss technical subjects.

Trusted Firmware A Tasks/Issues


Task/Issue Workbook Tracker Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for using the task/issue workbook tracker:

  • If you have a question, create an Task/Issue and apply the "question" label. If the question is directed at an individual, then assign them to the issue. If the question is directed at an organization (e.g. ARM), please say so in the description.
  • If you identify a bug, create an Task/Issue and apply the "bug" label. Clearly describe the problem, including steps to reproduce.
  • Before starting work on the main repository, create an Task/Issue for your work, if one does not already exist. This gives everyone visibility of your work and helps others avoid working on something similar.
  • For bugs, apply the "bug" label if it's not already present.
  • For enhancements, apply the "enhancement" label and clearly describe how you intend to implement the change.
  • Assign yourself to the issue using the edit dialog.
  • When the issue has been fixed in the main repository, close the issue.
  • Feel free to comment on any issues with relevant information.

Historic Github Information

The TF-A project was originally hosted on Github where a cloned repository resides and the historic issue list. can be found.

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