TF-A Release Information
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TF-A Release Information

Project Release Cadence

The project currently aims to do a release once every 6 months which will be
tagged on the master branch. There will be a code freeze (stop merging
non-essential PRs) up to 4 weeks prior to the target release date. The release
candidates will start appearing after this and only bug fixes or updates
required for the release will be merged. The maintainers are free to use their
judgement on what PRs are essential for the release. A release branch may be
created after code freeze if there are significant PRs that need merging onto
the integration branch during the merge window.

The release testing will be performed on release candidates and depending on
issues found, additional release candidates may be created to fix the issues.

                     |<----------6 months---------->|
     |<---4 weeks--->|              |<---4 weeks--->|
+-----------------------------------------------------------> time
     |               |              |               |
  code freeze       ver w.x       code freeze     ver y.z

Upcoming Releases

These are the estimated dates for the upcoming release. These may change
depending on project requirement and partner feedback.

Release VersionTarget DateExpected Code Freeze
v2.01st week of Oct '181st week of Sep '18
v2.15th week of Mar '191st week of Mar '19

Removal of Deprecated Interfaces

As mentioned in the Platform compatibility policy, this is a live document
cataloging all the deprecated interfaces in TF-A project and the Release version
after which it will be removed.

InterfaceDeprecation DateRemoved after ReleaseComments
Legacy Console APIJan '18v2.1Deprecated in favour of MULTI_CONSOLE_API
Weak default plat_crash_console_* APIsOct '18v2.1The default implementations are defined in crash_console_helpers.S. The platforms have to define plat_crash_console_*.
finish_console_register macro in MULTI_CONSOLE_APIOct '18v2.1The old version of the macro is deprecated. See commit cc5859c_ for more details.
Types tzc_action_t and tzc_region_attributes_tOct '18v2.1Using logical operations such as OR in enumerations goes against the MISRA guidelines.
Macro EL_IMPLEMENTED()Oct '18v2.1Deprecated in favour of el_implemented().
get_afflvl_shift(), mpidr_mask_lower_afflvls(), and eret().Dec '18v2.1Removed.
Extra include paths in the Makefile in INCLUDES.Jan '18v2.1Now it is needed to use the full path of the common header files. More information in commit 09d40e0e0828
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