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Note that the expected quarter when a feature will be completed based on very rough estimates of the effort involved and therefore can change. Items beyond CQ2'21 will be planned in detail and confirmed at the start of the quarter depending on progress made in previous quarter and available bandwidth.

If you are interested in collaborating on any of the roadmap features or other features in the project, please mail Trusted Servies mailing lists -

Supported Features

  • PSA Crypto Service
  • PSA Internal Trusted Storage (ITS) Service
  • Example Application/Tests in Normal World using PSA Crypto and PSA Internal Trusted Storage Services
  • Enable Crypto HW Integration (HUK, Key derivation) in PSA Crypto Service
  • Enable Storage HW Integration (nwd eMMC RPMB) - leverage op-tee support

CQ2'21 (In Development)

  • PSA Attestation Service
  • PSA Protected Storage Service
  • FF-A Direct Messaging
  • StMM (Stand Alone Management Mode) Updates (for compatibility with SPMC & co-exist with other Trusted Services)


  • PSA Attestation Service Continued
  • aarch32 support in Trusted Services
  • Storage Backend Integration Enhancements
  • Run, pass PSA Func. API Compliance Test Suite


  • aarch32 support in Trusted Services Contd.
  • Boot Flow Enhancements
  • Firmware Update Service
  • Run, pass PSA Func. API Compliance Test Suite Contd.

OP-TEE (Enhancement as reference Trusted Operating System used along with Trusted Services) ****

Supported Features (Upstreaming in progress)

  • Secure Partition Loading, FF-A Message Routing, SPMC

CQ2'21 (In Development)

  • SPMC Upstreaming
  • StMM SPMC Implementation

CQ3'21 (In Development)

  • aarch32 support - OP-TEE as monitor + SPMD
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