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TSC Meeting Minutes
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Feb 14, 2019


  • Bill Mills
  • Joakim
  • Abhishek
  • David Z
  • Bill F
  • Soby Mathew (ARM)
  • Christian
  • Julius
  • Eric
  • Andy G
  • Julius



Christian - Cypress
Abhishek - Arm
Dan - Arm
David Z - Linaro
Bill M - TI
Mark - TI
Andy - Linaro
Bill F - Linaro
Eric - STM
Joakim - Linaro
Julius - Google
Soby - Arm (standing in for Dan)

TSC structure

(Non) Confidentiality

  • Agenda & minutes visibility (public?)
  • Attendee restriction (open?)


  • TSC meeting (monthly?)
  • TFA/TFM Technical meetings (weekly/fortnightly ?)
  • Technical topics if time permits :
  • Call for topics – please add if you already have any specific topics for discussion.
  • AOB


TSC Structure

  • [Abish] Zephyr like structure
  • [Eric] Overall direction. TSC look at proposed roadmap to ensure consistency with project mandate
  • TSC as mainly a conflict resolution tool
    • Technical decisions/resolutions
  • Detail charter to put on a shareable place
  • Nominations for Chair of TSC
    • Set a deadline?
    • Deadline: Linaro Connect BKK
    • Chair/Role objective - Long Term alignment between A and M
    • Should there be an additional role for a person to look into both sub projects for alignment
    • Currently there is a technical meeting every two weeks
    • Approval/Disapproval
    • [Abhi] Propose this sub-role
    • [Matteo] TSC should be a single TSC to drive toward commonality
    • [Bill M] are we ‘over-designing’?
    • [Matteo] create the overhead as needed, not in advance
    • [Abhi] Keep current structure and add overhead as needed -To be put into the TSC charter proposal
  • Subcommittees
    • Should there be subcommittees to look at smaller issues of alignment, them bring to the TSC
  • Communication for TSC
    • [Abhi] Are these sufficient?
      • Phabricator
      • Mailing list
        • Yes, sufficient for now
  • Confidentiality
    • [Abhi] Public/Private?
    • [Joakim] Should be as open as possible if it is a fully Open S project
    • [Christian] Publicity to be under discretion of leadership
    • [Abhi] Charter and meeting attendance by invitation only
    • [Joakim] Roadmaps and project planning, TSC output to be public
  • Incident Response plan
    • Not discussed by board yet
    • [Matteo] TF-A has a response plan in place - to be discussed with board
  • [Abhi] For next TSC meeting there needs to be an agenda or meeting will be cancelled
    • Input requested from TSC members
    • Shared via Mailing list
  • AOB
    • [Matteo] Roles and Responsibilities between TSC and Board
      • [Abhi] TSC to bring proposals to Board
    • [Abhi] Any desire for discussion at Embedded World?
      • Reach out to Shebu if needed.
    • [DZ] Next TSC - March 14
    • [Julius] When will Subcommittees be set up?
      • [Abhi] Meetings to be scheduled over TSC email
      • [Abhoi] 2 mailing lists
        • 1 TSC list should remain private
        • Additional TSC mailing list for public
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