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nxp/crypto/caam (formerly fsl_sec): Type-punning undefined behavior leads to unaligned access in BL31 firmware and unhandled exception in EL3
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we are using atf v1.5 (from NXP's Layerscape SDK 20.12) on a custom LX2160A board (aarch64) and noticed a crash in the BL31 runtime from atf when compiling with gcc 11.3 (from Yocto kirkstone).

The problem is that plat/nxp/drivers/fsl_sec/src/jobdesc.c contains undefined behaviour in desc_add_ptr(), which gets inlined in cnstr_rng_jobdesc(). desc_add_ptr() uses u64 * pointers to write the 64bit data pointer to the u32 *desc pointer at offsets 3 and 4, and gcc 11.3 generates a 64bit store instruction (STUR) for this. But since it's offset 3 it's unaligned and causes an "unhandled exception in EL3" when U-Boot tries to get a random number from the BL31 firmware via smc_call().

Previously with gcc 10.2 from Yocto hardknott this didn't happen, but since it is undefined behaviour, I suppose we just got lucky.

I have a fix suggestion here [1] which solves the issue on our custom board. Since the problematic code still exists in atf master (at drivers/nxp/crypto/caam/src/jobdesc.c), maybe it would still be useful?


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dkl created this task.Dec 7 2022, 10:37 AM
dkl added a comment.Dec 7 2022, 12:51 PM

Found a fix in atf master which seems to touch on exactly this issue:

Although I'm not sure whether that's a complete fix, since only the ptr_addr_t struct for ptr_addr_t *ptr_addr was fixed, but the issue with the unaligned phys_addr_t *last pointer remains.