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TF-A with TRUSTED_BOARD_BOOT failed when using mbedtls-3.4.0
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Hi, I'm using TF-A 2.8 on mt7986 board, enable TRUSTED_BOARD_BOOT using mbedtls-3.4.0,
TF-A BL2 hanged when loading BL31, it seems that BL2 failed to get correct oid in function get_ext(drivers/auth/mbedtls/mbedtls_x509_parser.c) after calling mbedtls_oid_get_numeric_string

mbedtls_oid_get_numeric_string in 3.4.0 uses %c to print part of oid,

but seems that ATF libc's snprintf doesn't support %c format, which causes mbedtls_oid_get_numeric_string to return incorrect oid

oid_str dump in get_ext

oid_str=%c. (mbedtls_oid_get_numeric_string)

I try to change snprintf format %c to %u in mbedtls_oid_get_numeric_string, TF-A boots successfully


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