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shearling aviator jacket
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Shearling aviator jackets, sometimes known as bomber jackets, are a style of flying jacket constructed of sheepskin leather with a wool inner. Following is some fashion advice for shearling aviator jackets:

Wear it with jeans: A shearling aviator jacket and denim are a traditional outfit combo. It's ideal for a laid-back day trip or a night out.

Add some boots: A shearling aviator jacket may be finished off with a pair of leather boots or tough work boots. The boots might give your look a little more manly.

formal it up: Wearing your shearling aviator jacket over a collared shirt and formal trousers will also dress it up.

Accessorise: A scarf, gloves, and cap look wonderful with a shearling aviator jacket. Try out several accessories to give your ensemble a unique flair.

Pick the appropriate color: Although shearling aviator jackets are available in a variety of colors, brown and black are the most common. These hues are adaptable and go with a variety of ensembles.

Pay close attention to fit: It's critical to ensure that your shearling aviator jacket is the right size. The jacket should fall at your waist and the sleeves should be snug but not too tight. Ensure that the waistline and ribbed cuffs are comfortable but not too loose fit.

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Denim and a shearling aviator jacket are a classic combination that can be worn together basket random. It is perfect for a night out on the town or a day excursion with a laid-back attitude.