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My Fishing World
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My Fishing World is one of my favorite tiny fishing games. Set in real life, the game will have many extremely diverse and rich locations. In particular, you can also take your favorite photos. Not only will small fish appear in the game, but you will also be able to encounter aggressive fish like crocodiles.
The scenery in the game will make you feel like you are immersed in a game world mixed with real life.
Realistic locations with vivid graphics
The visual effects are beautifully designed.
Changing time of day and weather conditions
Intuitive game interface
There are many different fishing tackle options.
You can catch rare and very valuable monsters.
A variety of mission types to receive bonuses
How to play
You have to complete a series of challenges by catching different species of fish, and if you do that, you can unlock the next level. The gameplay is similar to a classic video game, but the game world is incredibly large, and you can explore it from your phone or tablet. You will have to catch different fish to unlock the next level.
You complete challenges to unlock new levels. Each level is a new environment, and you can access it by completing challenges.

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