Is it missing to initialise the MPC for Non Secure QSPI address range?
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While Non-Secure Flash range is set in SAU, there is no MPC initialisation for NonSecure QSPI address range.
I am not sure whether it is required but the existing code does not work and even secure execution (before jumping to NS) cannot read the NS address range so tfm_spm_hal_get_ns_entry_point(); function return 0 so secure execution cannot jump to NS.

If we initialise the QSPI_MPC in the mpc_init_cfg() function as below, Secure execution can read the NS range and can get to be jumped address.


Existing code somehow enables the QSPI MPC interrupt while no one initialises it.

Are we missing something?


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Hi Murat,

Which board are you using? Musca A?

On Musca A the code is executed for a while form SRAM?

Could you specif board and TF-M version?


Hi Tamas,

It makes sense. I think this is the same issue with T-165 ticket. We are running the image from the QSPI (not SRAM) and that's why we needed to release the QSPI address range.
As offered in the T-165, we might add a compiler switch to run from SRAM or QSPI.

It is not a blocker for us just you might consider if it makes sense.


Hi Murat,

Since the discussion is ongoing in T-165, I suggest to close this ticket. Do you agree?


HI Tamas, yes let us close this ticket. Thanks.

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