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Insufficient ordering guarantees in bakery_lock_get() and bakery_lock_release() in bakery_lock_coherent.c
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bakery_lock_get() uses a dmbld() after lock acquisition which is insufficient in a lock acquire situation. With just dmbld(), stores in a critical section can be reordered before the dmbld() and indeed before the lock acquisition has taken place. similarly, bakery_lock_release() only uses dmbst(). A load in the critical section could be reordered after the dmbst() and write to the lock data structure releasing the lock. This is likely less of a problem but lock release needs to provide release semantics, and dmbst() is insufficient. Also the dsb() after the write to the lock seems unnecessary. Am I missing something here ? It looks like the same issue is present even in bakery_lock_normal.

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Hi Raghu
At the face of it, there is an issue. Could I ask you to post this on the mailing list as I think this discussion may be of interest to wider community ?