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i.MX8MQ platform fails to link when log level is at max
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I've just noticed that the following build command fails:

make PLAT=imx8mq DEBUG=1

This gives a link failure:

Building imx8mq
  CC      lib/libc/abort.c
  CC      lib/libc/assert.c
  CC      lib/libc/exit.c
  AS      plat/common/aarch64/platform_helpers.S
  PP      bl31/bl31.ld.S
  LD      build/imx8mq/debug/bl31/bl31.elf
aarch64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd: build/imx8mq/debug/bl31/bl31.elf section `coherent_ram' will not fit in region `RAM'
aarch64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd: BL31 image has exceeded its limit.
aarch64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd: region `RAM' overflowed by 4096 bytes
Makefile:885: recipe for target 'build/imx8mq/debug/bl31/bl31.elf' failed

I have not investigated from which commit this issue started to appear.

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Hi @JackyBai and @cdleonard ,

I've subscribed both of you to this ticket because git blame shows you as contributors for this platform port. Sorry if you're not the right people to notify about this and feel free to bounce that back to whoever would be appropriate!

sandrine-bailleux-arm updated the task description. (Show Details)

Running bisect between v2.2 and master it seems this issue started from commit ab4df50c23b9 ("adding support to enable different personality of the same soc.").

It looks like it just hits a code size limit.

yes, it hit a code side limit, I will check it.