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AN521 FVP soft reset via AIRCR does not reset MPC / PPC / MPU during PSA FF test
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While trying to use the soft reset via AIRCR (CMSIS function: NVIC_SystemReset) on the AN521 FVP it was noticed that the bootloader would immediately crash. After debugging it was found that the reboot would work if it was done before the configuration of the MPC/PPC/MPU (appears to be any of the three that causes the issue). This appears to indicate that the security hardware is not being properly reset.

When tested on the MPS2 AN521, this issue did not occur. The reboot proceeds fine, and this is therefore probably a bug with the FVP

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soby-mathew created this task.EditedMar 25 2020, 10:28 AM

The output hangs at this point :

Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
[INF] Starting bootloader
[INF] Image 0: version=0.0.0+5, magic= good, image_ok=0x3
[INF] Image 1: No valid image
[INF] Booting image from the primary slot
[INF] Bootloader chainload address offset: 0x80000
[INF] Jumping to the first image slot
[Sec Thread] Secure image initializing!
TFM level is: 0x00000001
[Sec Thread] Jumping to non-secure code...

#### Execute test suites for the Secure area ####
Loading stub image from 0x100A87A0
Running Test Suite BL2 tests (TFM_BL2_TEST_0XXX)...
> Executing 'TFM_BL2_TEST_0001' 
Description: 'Invalid image test'

This is an issue on FVP. It will case the system cannot boot up after a warm reset. So as a workaround, we have to skip BL2 when testing.

The latest FVP claims to have resolved this problem. This needs to be re-tested on latest AN521 FVP.