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Modify post build and flash scripts for stm32l5 platforms
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The stm32l5 platforms employ a post build script, platform/ext/target/stm/stm32l5xx/boards/scripts/, and a flash script, platform/ext/target/stm/stm32l5xx/boards/scripts/, working in Linux environment.

Could other environment such as OS X be supported, as it is done for the NXP LPC55S69 ? (in platform/ext/target/nxp/lpcxpresso55s69/scripts/ In particular for the usage of readlink, OS X requires greadlink.

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I've tested the scripts on OS X by changing readlink to greadlink (available via brew install coreutils), since the OS X system readlink doesn't support the -f option, and this works fine on OS X. A simple platform check is required to two of the scripts, similar to what you see here: