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Change default stack to msp
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We are re-arrange the stack size used by SPE. We now applied two stack variables one for MSP and one for PSP. This cause a bit messy in the sct/ld. The ideal case should be:

Toolchain works for the runtime init for the first 'application', in our case it is SPM, and SPM handles all the subsequent launching of our 'application's.

IPC: Boot -> set 'arm_lib_stack' into sp (which is msp) -> jump to main -> spm_init -> schedule to partitions (Dont forget to reset the MSP to initial place before scheduling starting).

FUNC: Boot-> set 'arm_lib_stack' into sp (which is msp) -> jump to main -> spm_init -> switch to CORE SP (psp stack, can be allocated inside somewhere with a global array), call partition init -> jump to ns

This would save the stack size for a while.