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Provide a feasibility study/proposal on integrating a TF repo solution that uses Github front end with Gerrit back end
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It has been proposed to bring the multiple projects hosted within TF into a common development environment. One area is to have a consistent Code Repository and Code Review tool integration. This task has been created to consider GitHub and Gerrit for this solution

Consistency in code repos and reviews for all projects will make it easier for users to quickly spin up on multiple TF projects. It also will make it easier to navigate when moving from one project to another. Finally, it may be easier from an IT support perspective.


  • Provide a proposal to include milestone-based deliverables
  • Provide a cost/effort summary with a proposal to go or no-go
  • Propose a participating sub-team that will prototype, test and then deploy a prod solution once it's determined to be feasible


  • Recommendation
  • Sub-team members
  • Cost impact summary
  • Execution timeline

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