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TF-M hits tfm_abort() on NXP LPC55S69 when IPC mode and PS are enabled
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On the LPC55S69 platform, when IPC mode and PS are both enabled TF-M hits tfm_abort()
when it is trying to initilaize the Protected Storage (tfm_ps_init()).

Example configuration:
cmake -DTFM_PLATFORM=nxp/lpcxpresso55s69 -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../toolchain_GNUARM.cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DTFM_PROFILE=profile_medium -DBL2=OFF ../

When PS_CREATE_FLASH_LAYOUT is set, it will remove all data in the PS area and at some point it will call the ITS service to store an object table in the filesystem.
When it calls tfm_its_set() > its_flash_fs_file_write() > its_flash_fs_mblock_meta_update_finalize() it writes the flash and finally it is the FLASH_VerifyProgram() function
which returns an error.

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The whole problem has boiled down to a flash write issue and it has been worked around by c32710c7fc8514dd0d072a01549e23a94278ee17.

Further investigation would be very useful.
I'm closing this ticket for now.