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TF Marketing Initiatives
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An area that was brought to my attention by multiple TF members was that of marketing TF in the community. This can take many forms including improved announcements on the TF website when new projects are brought in, improved SEO, presentations at conferences, improved navigation to assets such as past conference presentations, and publications on other sites across the web. The creation of improved decks that delineate the value of membership as well as demos could also fall under this task.
Comments made that were suggesting messaging clarity included:

  • Would like to see the TF-A “secure path” components better represented as TF-A to include OP-TEE and Hafnium.
  • Clarify TF-M vs TF-A components/work items to help new participants spin up

Increased the web presence/awareness of TF
Increased TF membership

To develop a subteam to drive marketing of TF from multiple perspectives to increase awareness of TF.
Multiple subteams could result in focus areas such as a) The TF website content and SEO optimizations, b) Presence in other domains on the web such at alternative web sites, and c) Providing content such as white papers, tutorials, case studies, and blogs across the web to increase awareness

Development of a proposal including recommended next steps, financial estimates for items that may cost, and areas to focus that will provide the most traction.
Recommended cross-company subteam(s) to drive the initiative(s)

Event Timeline

Don checking on LinkedIn options at Shebu's request. Looking to create a project that readers can subscribe to.

Thanks for the information. We are from AssureShift and we will definitely implement those techniques on our new webpage ( movers in Ahmedabad ) Thank you.