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NS audit logging test fails when Secure regression test is not selected
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NS audit logging test fails when Secure regression test is not selected.

Running Test Suite AuditLog non-secure interface test (TFM_AUDIT_TEST_1XXX)...
> Executing 'TFM_AUDIT_TEST_1001'
  Description: 'Non Secure functional'
  Stored size different from ((56)) (Failed at D:/MCU/TF-M_Review/trusted-firmware-m/build/lib/ext/tfm_test_repo-src/test/suites/audit/non_secure/audit_ns_interface_testsuite.c:100)
Number of failed tests: 1 of 1

Root cause:

In NS audit logging test, the NS test case reads out the logs filled by Secure audit logging test cases ( 

In previous build system, NS and S tests were enabled together and therefore the logs for test were always ready when NS logging test started.

In current build system, NS and S tests can be enabled independently. Therefore, NS logging test cannot find the pre-filled logs if Secure logging test is not enabled.

Action required:

It requires a discussion about how maintain the dependency between Secure test cases and Non-secure test cases. It may rely on build system or test case implementation itself.

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