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AUDIT_LOG secure regression tests don't compile with TFM_PSA_API=ON
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This combination


gives me a compilation error:

tf-m-tests/test/framework/secure_suites.c:69:7: error: 'register_testsuite_s_audit_interface' undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean 'register_testsuite_s_ipc_interface'?
   69 |     {&register_testsuite_s_audit_interface, 0, 0, 0},
      |       ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |       register_testsuite_s_ipc_interface

Tested on nrf5340 and AN521, Make and Ninja.

Minimal call to reproduce:


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TF-M audit log service doesn't implement IPC model interface. Therefore it is not enabled by default in IPC model.
IPC model default configuration disables TF-M audit log. Please see:

If audit log service is forced to be enabled, it is non-compliant to IPC model and the build will fail.

I see. It would be good to have an error message in that case.

Great suggestion. Will add one in build configuration check soon.

davidhuziji closed this task as Resolved.Mon, Mar 29, 8:16 AM