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NV counter test in PS regression test 4001 is stuck on SSE-300 in isolation level 2 when PXN is enabled
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The processor in privileged level is disallowed to execute a code region with PXN attribute enabled. Otherwise, a fault exception will occur.

PS NV counter code used in regression test stays in the PS code region. It is explicitly assigned with unprivileged level in isolation level 2.
PS regression test 4001 is executed in a privileged process. It will call PS NV counter code to perform NV counter test.

If PXN is enabled on SSE-300 in isolation level 2, when the privileged PS regression test 4001 invoke PS NV counter code in PS code region, which enables PXN attribute, a fault exception occurs and blocks the whole system.

A potential solution is to create a specific region to collect those symbols and code, which require special attribute setting to workaround PXN check.

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SSE-300 platform is deprecated now. So will close this issue currently.
However, AN547 maybe have same issue if AN547 is supported in PSA Arch test. Put a note here.

Summer-ARM closed this task as Wontfix.Nov 23 2021, 7:25 AM