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Alignment of target flash read and buffer alignment
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For some devices, there are restrictions on sizes of data that can be read or where said data can be read to, one such platform is Nordic devices whereby QSPI data can be read in 4-byte amounts (aligned to a 4-byte boundary) to buffers that must also be 4-byte boundary aligned, however at present this is not the case. With test code I have now, bl2 reads 32 bytes from 0x0 to a 4-byte aligned variable - fine, it then reads 16 bytes from a 4-byte aligned address to a 4-byte aligned variable - fine, it then (3 times from different addresses) reads 1 byte from 4-byte aligned addresses to a non 4-byte aligned variable - this is not OK, it cannot read 1 byte and it cannot store data in this variable

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lairdjm created this task.Mar 24 2021, 8:12 AM