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AUDIT_LOG incompatible with profile_medium
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Building this configuration

cmake -DTFM_PLATFORM=mps2/an521 -DTFM_PARTITION_AUDIT_LOG=ON -DTFM_PROFILE=profile_medium ..

gives this error

ld: spm/libtfm_spm.a(spm_ipc.o):(.rodata.memory_data_list+0x1c): undefined reference to `tfm_sp_audit_log_stack'

Also affects other platforms.

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davidwang reassigned this task from Anton-TF to davidhuziji.Mar 29 2021, 3:22 AM
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Profile Medium selects IPC model by default. TF-M IPC model disables audit log service since audit log doesn't implement IPC model interface yet.
Please see:

If audit log service is forced to be enabled in Profile Medium, it is non-compliant to IPC model and the build will fail.