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OP-TEE OS 3.11.0 Hangs at opteed_enter_sp on Cold Boot
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When building OP-TEE 3.11.0 for the xilinx zynqmp device (ZCU111) in conjunction with PetaLinux 2019.2, booting issues occur for a cold boot and a warm boot. The boot hangs in the function opteed_enter_sp after which should return from EL3 into SEL1 (OP-TEE OS). OP-TEE OS is hung up and never returns so that the boot never finishes.

On a working board, I’ve been seeing it hang at cold boot, but if I let it sit for about 5 seconds, then powered it off for 5 seconds, then turned it on it would boot successfully. Other ZCU111 boards are never able to boot.

A warm boot never is never successful.

The newer version (2.2) of the ATF that’s in the Xilinx fork and saw the same issue.

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