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LS1046 custom board, bl31 booting hangs within caaam_hal_jr_dequeue()
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Hello, experts.

I have compiled the ATF to get the LS1046 custom board to work (base on LS1046AFRWY ATF)
There is different thing LS1046AFRWY and Custom LS1046. In the case of custom LS1046, It booted using IFC NOR FLASH. (LS1046AFRWY, Boot Mode QSPI NOR FLASH).
I've modifed ATF, RCW and It was successful until i partially booted BL31.
but I am seeing bl31 booting hangs in OPTEED( ).
I traced booting flow and I found where hangs comes out. but I dont know why that make hangs.
while caam_rng_instantiation() running, It enters caam_jr_enqueue() -> do_jr_enqueue(), but it do not receive a response to new jr jobs during dequeing. (caam_jr_dequeue() -> caam_hal_jr_check_ack_itr()).
Please help me where shoue i fix or check.

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nekarose updated the task description. (Show Details)
nekarose updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 21 2022, 5:01 AM

I think My custom 1046 doen't support Secure boot.
Doesn't OPTEE work normally only if the Secure boot is supported?