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TF-A: Piping source code to $CC complicates usage of static analysis tools
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I'm working on implementing MISRA testing for TF-A, using the ECLAIR tool: .

One of the complications I'm seeing is with this code: , which pipes source code directly to $CC. When captured by the ECLAIR static analysis tool, this source code assigned a name like _ROOT/dev/pipe/df399ae0, where last component is randomized and differs from build to build, and then leads to spurious differences in reports between builds, which in turns complicates reveiw and analysis of these reports by developers.

Currently, I have no other choice as to look for a ways to disabled/filter out reporting for the piping code altogether, which of course will lead to less precises MISRA analysis. Instead, it would be better if dynamically generated source code was stored in a file, and this file was explicitly passed to the compiler.

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pfalcon created this task.Aug 9 2022, 3:00 PM