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Add information on running under QEMU to the user guide
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docs/user_guides/ currently has information on how to run under the Fast Model and on the MPS2 board. The example and test suite will also run using a sufficiently new version of QEMU, so we can add that too.

Requested by: Peter Maydell

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This set of instructions proposed in this patch is now *OUTDATED* as it's based on running on mps2-an505 QEMU board even for AN521. As we have introduces some code now which is specific to AN521 with this commit , the instructions are no longer valid and need further update to be able to use AN521 build on QEMU.

pm215 added a subscriber: pm215.Feb 15 2019, 3:10 PM

True. QEMU 4.0 will have a proper AN521 model.

With a recent version of QEMU (i.e. 4.x), it should be enough just to use this to run TF-M on QEMU for AN521:

qemu-system-arm -M mps2-an521 -kernel "BUILD/bin/bl2.axf" -device loader,file="BUILD/bin/tfm_s_ns_signed.bin",addr=0x10080000 -serial stdio -display none

I will try to get a patch to add this to the user guide and finally close this ticket.

Due to a bug recently discovered in Qemu, we should mention in the docs that minimum required version is 6.1 (to be released around mid-end of August)