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code error in system_reset_cfg function
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There is some mistake in the following function.

void system_reset_cfg(void)


struct sysctrl_t *sysctrl = (struct sysctrl_t *)CMSDK_SYSCTRL_BASE_S;

uint32_t reg_value = SCB->AIRCR;

/* Enable system reset request for CPU 0, to be triggered via

  • NVIC_SystemReset function.


    sysctrl->resetmask |= ENABLE_CPU0_SYSTEM_RESET_REQUEST;

/* Enable system reset request only to the secure world */


SCB->AIRCR = reg_value;



In this line, the top 2 bytes of reg_value will be 0xffff, but not 0x05fa. So the write will be ignored.

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wmnt added a subscriber: wmnt.Nov 19 2018, 10:19 AM

Hi @matt2048,

Thanks to report this issue.

The fix associated with this task is:

The patch has been reviewed and merged.

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