Identify the source of a given handle to know if it is malicious
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Identity the source of a given handle to know if it is an NSPE handle or SP handle. This avoids malicious NSPE thread peek information from secure side.

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isolation level 3 assumes mutual distrust between secure partitions.
we need to save connection "owner" client ID and not only secure domain origin.

consider following use case:

  • there is a long lived connection between two secure services. It is created during initialization sequence.
  • connection policy is validated upon connection creation - ns_caller && !service->service_db->non_secure_client
  • offending NSPE client guesses a connection handle for secure->secure service connection mentioned above. This is probably not to hard given handles are just indexes in array without random factor.
  • offending NSPE client performs psa_call.

TF-M must assert that the connection is "owned" by the caller.