Improve code quality
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The following fixes are to be done to increase the code quality:

  • avoid implicit casting by using matching types or casting when it is safe. If it is not always safe, use a conversion function to dynamically check that the origin value can fit in the destination type
  • add parenthesis for better readability of some expressions
  • check the returning value of functions
  • add const keyword when mutability is not required
  • remove bitfields
  • expose and address an Arm GNU Compiler bug regarding the cmse_nonsecure_caller intrinsic
  • cast unused parameters/values to void to be more explicit
  • add parenthesis around macro parameters
  • encapsulate function-like macros into a function to avoid name clashes
  • initialise unitialised variables

This fix can first mainly focus on the core components of TF-M (without tests, NS app and platform code).