TF-A artifacts
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Hello all!

Is there any artifact (hash, objects..) for a sucessful boot from TF-A? Something that can be used for attestation purposes, for example?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Viviane,

For Arm platforms, you may get a complete reference software stack (including TF-A, boot loader, Linux kernel, and user-space filesystem) on the Arm Community website:

As you can see, the latest version is 19.01 but the TF-A developers team at Arm currently uses version 18.04, as advertised in the TF-A User guide. Either version should work, though!


Thanks Sandrine!

I think that's not what I had in mind. When we boot from TF-A does it produces a hash confirming the boot process was successful? If positive, where can we find that hash?
I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 with OP-TEE and TF-A.

Thanks again!