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Update the TFM Crypto Service to use the mbedCrypto v2.0
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Update the TFM Crypto Service to use the latest public release of mbedCrypto v2.0 (released on Sep 18)

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adeaarm triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 23 2019, 10:58 AM
adeaarm edited projects, added Restricted Project; removed Trusted Firmware M.

Preliminary change showing passing TF-M regression available here:

Hi Antonio, it looks like the patch is forgotten by reviewers.

abhishek-pandit added a subscriber: jf549.
abhishek-pandit added a subscriber: abhishek-pandit.

I would really like to see tf-m support the latest mbed-crypto.

A minor update to the CMakeList.txt file for mbed-crypto is needed for IAR and it is best done to the current version.

jf549 added a comment.Feb 11 2020, 3:59 PM

Hi Andrej, Thomas,

The patch is available for review here:

There's still some more work to do, but any review comments would still be useful.

I would like to add some IAR fixes to the mbed-crypto CMakeList.txt file and tried using the current development version of mbed-crypto.

tf-m fails to build using this version as this version now have functions "psa_hash_compute" and "psa_hash_compare", which collides with these functions in tf-m.

I would be glad if you could address this problem.

Yes, the mbed-crypto tag 3.1.0 adds these 2 new APIs whereas the version TF-M currently supports is 3.0.1. I intend to catch up once again in a month's time and hopefully by then mbed-crypto will have added more functions which can be utilized.

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