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Wrong compiler used for deployments targeting Linux
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The change d80f856adf59 introduced a bug which allows using non Linux GCC compilers for Linux builds. This results in compilation errors like:

In file included from /home/vagrant/src/trusted-services/components/rpc/ffarpc/caller/linux/ffarpc_caller.c:8:
/home/vagrant/src/trusted-services/deployments/ts-service-test/arm-linux/build/_deps/libts-build/_deps/linux_ffa_user_shim/arm_ffa_user.h:10: fatal error: linux/ioctl.h: No such file or directory

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This was introduced by change: d80f856adf59.
That change makes deployments targeting the "arm-linux" environment accept non Linux specific GCC binaries like "aarch64-none-elf-gcc". Since these GCC builds are not bundled with a standard library built with Linux support, compilation errors arise due to missing Linux kernel headers.

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