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Wed, Apr 7

MartinSchoenstedt added a comment to Twin-cpu.

Thanks @adrianlshaw for your comment. A multi-core TF-M design is indeed a different thing than this twin-cpu design or any of the implemented designs for multiple CPUs in TF-M.
Do I understand you correctly, that such a multi-core TF-M design would not be possible to design according to PSA FF-A guidelines, because no mutex is defined in these?
How is this problem handled in TF-A as the same PSA guidelines apply there?

Wed, Apr 7, 1:28 PM

Tue, Apr 6

MartinSchoenstedt added a comment to Twin-cpu.

The concept I am working on would allow for execution of two NS environments both with access to TF-M services. The goal is also to isolate the NS environments from one another to provide safety in case of failure / maliciousness of one NS env. But this safety feature is not necessary for the use case of two Cortex M-33 with NS + TF-M.

Tue, Apr 6, 9:50 AM

Fri, Apr 2

MartinSchoenstedt added a comment to Twin-cpu.

Yes this was indeed what I was thinking about. I am now trying to modify the secure enclave implementation to work with both CPUs in the SSE 200 on the MPS2 AN521 image. This would also also both cores to still be used by nonsecure OS / applications

Fri, Apr 2, 8:07 PM

Mon, Mar 29

MartinSchoenstedt added a comment to Twin-cpu.

Don't know where to ask this, current TF-M design allows only for one secure cpu and one non-secure?
Why not have SPE and NSPE on both cores, as would be possible on mps2/an521 e.g. (dual M-33 with TrustZone). Could TF-M be modified to allow for such a behavior in the current version?
Thankful for any answers!

Mon, Mar 29, 10:23 AM