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Crypto header clash with mbed-crypto
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It seems that TF-M copies the crypto headers from mbed-crypto folder ./include/psa into folder ./mbedcrypto/psa. However TF-M also provides different crypto headers in folder ./interface/include/psa.

TF-M modules typically include "psa/crypto.h" except crypto service modules which include "mbedcrypto/psa/crypto.h" through “tfm_mbedcrypto_include.h”.

The problem is that in our tools both include folders (./include from mbed-crypto installation and ./interface/include from TF-M) are in the global search path causing wrong headers being used.

Another issues is the use of “mbedcrypto” prefix in include "mbedcrypto/psa/crypto.h". We have mbed-crypto already installed and copying crypto headers would not be needed when using include “psa/crypto.h”.

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RobertRostohar triaged this task as High priority.Oct 4 2019, 11:45 AM
RobertRostohar created this task.

Shall we involve mbed-crypto people for this topic?

adeaarm reassigned this task from adeaarm to davidwang.Oct 23 2019, 10:58 AM
adeaarm added a subscriber: adeaarm.

Assigned to @davidwang for futher tracking and follow up.

Working on the proposal.

Had the workshop and aligned the solution for this issue.
The changes are made and verified locally for CMSIS Pack.
Next step is to upstream the solution to mbedCrypto.
As it's not TF-M issue anymore, so close this issue.

davidwang closed this task as Resolved.Jan 15 2020, 9:38 AM